Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed contains only the highest quality seeds blended in a perfect balance for the nutritional needs of all Pigeons and Doves. The seeds are specially selected for high nutrition and taste appeal. The seeds are air cleaned and then polished, producing a dust-free and appetizing mix eagerly sought by Pigeons and Doves. The seed diet is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the inest possible nutrition for your pet bird. This complete seed mixture can be used as the main diet for extended periods of time. 

The regular use of a balanced vitamin supplement such as Prime may help prevent nutrient deficiencies if the bird becomes selective about the seeds it eats. 2.72 kg (6 lbs).

Hagen Pigeon & Dove Seed - 6lb

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  • Ample fresh seed should always be readily available to satisfy the demands of a caged bird’s high metabolic rate. The seed cup should be filled daily with fresh Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed. Alternately, the seed mixture may be scattered on the floor of the cage or aviary. Remove used remains from earlier feedings. The combination of fresh seeds offered daily and a continuous supply of fresh, uncontaminated water will help prevent many common problems during the life of the pigeon or dove. Refrigerate to retain freshness once the bag has been opened.