The Full Angle Adapter is a unique solution to properly lighting your aquarium. Compatible with the mounting arm, gooseneck adapter, and DIY mounting solutions, the Full Angle Adapter allows your light to be angled to reduce shadowing caused by large coral colonies, rockwork, or braces on the tank—thus increasing the amount of available space for coral. The Full Angle Adapter can be installed in less than a minute and adjusted easily—making it the ideal way to add a unique aesthetic to your tank.

Kessil - Full Angle Adapter

Excluding GST/HST
  • A360WE/NE Tuna Blue - Saltwater Light

    A360WE Tuna Sun - Freshwater Light

    A360X Tuna Blue - Saltwater Light

    A360X Tuna Sun - Freshwater Light

    A360X Refugium - LED Refugium Light

    A160WE Tuna Blue - Saltwater Light

    A160WE Tuna Blue - Freshwater Light

    A80 Tuna Blue - Saltwater Light

    A80 Tuna Sun - Freshwater Light

    H160 Tuna Flora - Horticulture Light

    H80 Tuna Flora - Horticulture Light