Ox-E-Drops 2.2 oz for Pets – More and more people are recognizing the benefits of basic alkalinity for themselves and their pet’s diets. When the body is in a balanced alkaline state, there is less likeliness to suffer from chronic diseases. Foods and fluids consumed daily have a direct impact on the levels of acid and alkaline balance of the pet’s body. This balance is measured by determining the “pH value“, which tells you if the body’s fluids and tissues are more “acidic or alkaline“. A pH measuring negative 4.5, is very acidic, whereas a pH level measuring to positive 9.5, is highly alkaline.  Ideally, the body of your pet is considered healthy and alkaline with a pH level of 7.0 or above.


NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops is a safe and stable compound of 5% Sodium chlorite and Reverse Osmosis Water. It is naturally alkaline (pH 13) and the fluid is normally clear or slightly yellow in appearance. The few drops you use internally each day help provide and more stable pH balance for your pets while at the same time offering remarkable protections and immune support.


Ox-E-Drops releases precursors, which assist the body in the removal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins; Regular daily use therein supports healthy immune functions and the fight against unwanted invaders.  This alkaline product (pH 13) also helps support healthy digestion and promote better energy and endurance.


Ox-E-Drops truly offers a wide diversity of INTERNAL & TOPICAL applications for your pet’s needs.


Simple Uses: It is added to your pet’s daily meals and the water dish. It may be mixed with water for topical needs.

Nzymes - Oxe Drops

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