Red Sea’s ReefLED series is the result of years of research into the lighting needs of corals.


Uniquely designed with a light intensity and spectrum that is 100% utilized by the corals, ReefLED lights are 100% reef-safe & 100% REEF-SPEC®, providing optimal growth, vivid colors, and an elegant gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium.

Red Sea - ReefLED 90

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    • REEF-SPEC® light output for optimal coral growth and coloration
    • Homogenous light with a gentle shimmer
    • Reef-safe dual-channel color setting plus dedicated moonlights
    • ReefBeat® app for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications
    • Anti-glare recessed lens
  • ReefLED is Reef-safe as it provides ideal PAR values throughout the aquarium, without hotspots or areas with insufficient light for coral growth. The PAR distribution map shows the actual PAR levels as they vary throughout the cross-section of the aquarium.