Based on Gyre patented, cross-flow technology, ReefWave® smart pumps are nearly silent, smart, powerful and easy to maintain.


They provide an optimal REEF-SPEC® water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, regardless of their position in your aquarium.

Red Sea - ReefWave 45

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    • Cross-flow technology wave pump for a gentle, evenly distributed flow
    • Silent and energy efficient Sine-Wave DC control motor
    • 5 programmable wave patterns with unique Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes
    • Easy assembly/disassembly for maintenance
    • Dedicated Wi-Fi controller for each pump
    • Synchronize multiple pumps of different sizes
    • ReefBeat App for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications
    • One interface for all of Red Sea’s smart devices.
    • Easy set-up and operation.
    • On-line monitoring and notifications.


    ReefBeat is continuously in contact with your ReefWave pumps and will send you a notification whenever communication is lost.



    A quick and simple way to turn off a specific pump for a user-defined period while feeding your fish or corals. You can set different "OFF" periods for each pump.



    ReefBeat stores as many custom programs as you wish to create. Using the daily schedule, you can set up to 10 distict wave types a day, with different pump intensities.



    Create multiple customized versions of each of the wave types and store them in your personal Wave Library. You can edit, delete, select, or preview the Customized Waves applied directly to your pumps or aquariums in the 24-hour schedule.